Fischer Electric Water Cooler 45-G (Full Steel)

    Fischer Electric Water Cooler 45-G (Full Steel)


    Cooling drinking water had never been so easy. Fischer water coolers are perfect for outdoor placement in factories, schools, mosques and practically anywhere where fresh cold drinking water is needed. Fischer 45 Litres water cooler is equipped with 2 taps and made with non-corrosive food grade stainless steel. Drink healthy and stay cool with Fisher, the best water cooler manufacturer in Pakistan.

    • Cooling Capacity:??¨45 Ltr/Hr
    • Suitable for People:??¨45 to 90
    • Number of Taps:??¨2
    • Dimensions:??¨H:??¨49;??¨W:??¨23;??¨D:??¨20 (Inches)
    • Water Tank Material:??¨Non Magnetic Stainless Steel (Food Grade)
    • Coiling around Water Tank:??¨100% Pure Copper
    • Body Material:??¨Stainless Steel
    • Refrigerant:??¨R 134a CFC Free
    • Brand New??¨Compressors, Condensers and Fan Motors


    One Year for Compressor and other Parts.