Fischer Electric Water Cooler 35-G (Full Steel)

    Fischer Electric Water Cooler 35-G (Full Steel)


    Beat the summer heat with Fischer water coolers. Fischer offers unrivaled quality in Electric water coolers. This 35 litres variant is manufactured using stainless steel and can cater up to 70 people. The external pure copper coiling preserves the water and provides you with clean and fresh water all the time.

    • Cooling Capacity: 35 Ltr/Hr
    • Suitable for People: 35 to 70
    • Number of Taps: 2
    • Dimensions: H: 47; W: 23; D: 20 (Inches)
    • Water Tank Material: Non Magnetic Stainless Steel (Food Grade)
    • Coiling around Water Tank: 100% Pure Copper
    • Body Material: Stainless Steel
    • Refrigerant: R 134a CFC Free
    • Brand New Compressors, Condensers and Fan Motors


    One Year for Compressor and other Parts.