Signature Built-In Baking Oven  SBO-MT17R

    Signature Built-In Baking Oven SBO-MT17R


    Key features

    96mmcontrol p anel

    TFT touch display

    Automatic programmes

    Safety switch off

    Double Glazed glass door

    Electronic child safety lock

    Forced cooling system

    Easy clean

    Removable door plate

    Fast preheating

    A + Energy rating

    72L Oven capacity

    17 Functions

    With VDE plug

    1 pc 45mm baking tray, 1pc 28mm baking pan, 1 pc baking rack

    1 set full telescopic runner

    Celsius degree 30-250

    Max power 2900W

    1 pc  28mm ,1 pc baking rack

    Product size: 595*565*595

    Packing size:650*720*671