Panasonic Meat Mincer MK-GJ1700
Panasonic Meat Mincer MK-GJ1700
Panasonic Meat Mincer MK-GJ1700
Panasonic Meat Mincer MK-GJ1700
Panasonic Meat Mincer MK-GJ1700

    Panasonic Meat Mincer MK-GJ1700



    Panasonic Meat Grinder MK-GJ1700??¨

    Japanese Craftsmen Shape Blades to Match Their Purpose

    One feature of Japanese knives is that they come in various shapes to match the object they are cutting.
    This is possible because of the high technology in blade producers. This technology is also utilized in meat grinder blades.

    An Original Blade from the World's Renowned Blade-Producing Region

    The blade, which greatly affects the meat-grinding performance, is crafted in Seki, which is city famed for manufacturing blades. Seki has flourished since ancient times due to its fine swordsmiths, and the tradition still continues today.

    R-shape Blade for Efficient Meat Grinding

    An optimally R-shape blade for meat grinding achieved by repetitive testing easily cuts through meat fiber. A single cut produces smooth, uniform mincemeat.

    A Powerful Motor Enable Speedy Grinding

    The 1,700-watt*?? motor efficiently grinds meat and achieves mincing capacity up to 2.6kg/min*??«.

    *?? Max. locked motor approx. wattage
    *??« By Coarse Cutting Plate, power supply at 240V

    Grinds More Meat, More Quickly

    By combining the specially designed blade shape and Panasonic’???s motor technology, the meat-grinding performance is further increased.

    All Attachments Go Here

    Four attachments can be stored. Plus, a storage case above the hopper to keep the kitchen neat and tidy.

    Versatile Attachments

    Versatile Attachments

    Interchangeable cutting plates to match the cooking style, and sausage and kubbe attachments for more enjoyment.

    On/Off Switch and Reverse Function

    A single dial switches on/off, and reverse operation for when ingredients are stuck. Circuit breaker stops motor operation when overloading, easy to restart by just dialing to Reset and then 1.

    Durable Full Metal Hopper

    Temporarily holds meat for easy movement of the necessary amount to the serving dish.

    Made in Japan: R-shape blade and 1700 W powerful motor
    Compact Design: Can be stored neatly with storage case
    Versatile attachments: 3 cutting plates, kubbe attachment, sausage attachment