TCL Split AC Inverter TAC-12T3 Pro (1 Ton)

    TCL Split AC Inverter TAC-12T3 Pro (1 Ton)


    TCL TAC-12T3-Pro 1 Ton DC Inverter With Wi-Fi

    TCL brings the best TCL TAC-12T3-Pro, which is an upgraded version of the TCL Miracle Series that gives the experience of technology redefined. Moreover, the Hands-Free Voice Control feature on your TCL TV lets you control and make your inverter accessible from anywhere.

    As the summers have knocked on our door in full swing and temperatures have clocked up to sweltering 50 degrees, T3 Pro’s Air-cooled electric box technology enables non-stop cooling. So, here are the standout features of the TCL TAC-12T3-Pro.

    IoT Smart Control

    TCL TAC-12T3-Pro inverter includes a Wi-Fi function that allows you to control the inverter from wherever you want. Hence, you can download the TCL Home app from Google and Android Play store to connect yourself to the inverter.

    With this, you will be able to control its temperature, power, and all accessories from wherever you want. Moreover, TAC-12T3-Pro has a voice control system, letting you operate the inverter by directly talking to the machine.

    12000BTU (1-Ton) Heat and Cool

    TAC-12T3-Pro inverter contains 12000BTU ( 1 ton) heat and a cool system that works at scorching heat of 50 degrees. Apart from high temperatures, its powerful compressor doesn’t compromise the performance and gives a cool breeze’s ultimate pleasure. Furthermore, a T3 powerful compressor withstands 50 degrees of heat and still provides cool air.

    Fire Proof and Auto-Clean

    Also, the TAC-12T3-Pro inverter comes with a fireproof box that cuts off the energy supply when there’s any short circuit to minimize damage. As the air quality in Pakistan is worsening, its auto-clean function keeps the filter clean from dust and harmful micro-organisms. Its deep clean feature will filter 93% of the dust particles so your family can breathe healthier air. Moreover, it has an auto-reminder button that makes you aware of your filter status.

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester