Signature Kitchen Hood X3

    Signature Kitchen Hood X3


    Heavy Duty Dual Suction

    The powerful and explosive dual suction of the 900mm panel is 1200m??/hr, and the kitchen is ventilated every half minute. Our kitchen chimney has a large exhaust. It can absorb grease, smoke and dust, thereby protecting your lover, children and yourself from unhealthy odors

    Turbo Mode

    3D Auto Function

    Auto Clean Function

    The high-speed spinning blower blades distribute the cleaner onto the internal housing of the hood,??¨degreasing and flushing unwanted residue into an easy-to-clean residue cup.

    Sensor Control

    Low power consumption and efficient peripheral operation, Easy to clean and durable


    General Function:

    • 9x Speeds
    • Soft Touch
    • LED Lights
    • Stainless Steel Filters

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    General Information:


    Dimensions 900x370x(500-1250)
    Certification??¨ CE/GS
    Net Weight 30KGS
    Gross Weight 33KGS
    Material Body??¨??¨ Stainless Steel + Glass
    Material Filter??¨ Stainless Steel
    No. of Filter??¨ 1
    Button Light Color??¨ Blue
    Type Of Control??¨ Soft Touch
    Display Content??¨??¨ Timer/ Air capacity/Auto Clean/Sensor
    Display Color Blue
    Type of Display??¨ LCD
    Size of Display??¨ 160x30mm
    Type of Motor??¨ Capacitor Motor??¨
    Number Of Motors??¨ 1
    Total Power Of The Motors (W)??¨ 150W
    Number Of Speed Settings??¨ 3
    Air Outlet Diameter??¨ 180mm
    Maximum Output Air Extraction (m3/h) 1200m3/hr
    Number Of Lights??¨??¨ 2
    Type Of Lamps Used??¨ LED??¨
    Total Power Of he Lamps (W)??¨??¨ 3W
    Noise Without Carbon Filter High Speed 68dba
    Noise Without Carbon Filter Mid Speed 64dba
    Noise Without Carbon Filter Low Speed 62dba
    Body Size(Long) 900mm
    Body Size(Wide) 370mm



    5 Years Motor Warranty (First Time In Pakistan)